YogaBOO-Your Excerise Buddy
YogaBOO-Your Excerise Buddy
YogaBOO-Your Excerise Buddy
YogaBOO-Your Excerise Buddy

YogaBOO-Your Excerise Buddy

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"Make exercise easy and simple"

The YogaBOO is a very simple exercise equipment which is safe and effective to train your abdominal and strengthen the lower back of your body.

Ideal for stretching and flexibility exercises to provide a total body workout and develop balance capacity and coordination as well as shaping your body figure.

Suitable for use by people of all ages.

Why should you try it!

✔ Relieve from back, shoulder, and neck pain. The main benefit of using a yoga ball chair is to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s related to sitting for too long. With proper posture and frequent movements, you reduce the damage that can be caused by sitting for too long in the same position.

✔ Help improve flexibility. People with tight hamstrings, calves, back, or shoulders may find it difficult to move into certain poses. Yoga ball exercises can make stretches even more gentle, allowing those with tightness or stiffness to gradually improve their flexibility until traditional Asanas can be done without assistance.

✔ Improve strength and focus. A stability ball will allow you to hold poses longer than you would be able to without the extra support. As your flexibility improves, you can gradually shift more weight to your body and less to the ball, resulting in greater strength and endurance. 

✔ Improved blood circulation. Using a yoga ball will improve your circulation as you move frequently and not stay in the same position. Good blood circulation also helps reduce the risk of any cardiovascular disease.

✔ Encourage proper posture and balance. Since the yoga ball can help provide some of the strength and support needed for yoga poses, you are free to concentrate on maintaining proper posture. 

✔ Accelerate recovery. Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or childbirth, yoga ball exercises will allow you to ease back into your yoga practice while still protecting your muscles and joints. The Crow pose may have been easy before a three-month hiatus, but after some time off, your body may need extra support until you achieve your former level of strength and flexibility.

✔ Better fitness lifestyle. There are lots of exercises and yoga routines that you can do with the exercise ball. When you’re on a break, you can always use the ball to do some basic exercise routines like ab crunches. It won’t cause any hip pain and mess up your hair like a mat would.


✅ Anti-Slip Surface
✅ Easy to Clean
✅ Burst Resistant
✅ Perfect for stretching and flexibility exercises
✅ An excellent way to train your abdominal area
✅Can be used for Yoga and Pilates
✅ Develops balance and coordination
✅ Suitable for pilates, yoga, weight training and other balance sports


• Metro Manila: 1-3 days
• Greater Manila Area: 2-4 days
• Rest of Luzon (except Batanes & Palawan): 3-7 days
• Visayas & Mindanao: 4-8 days
• Batanes & Palawan: 7-14 days

Mode of payment: Cash on Delivery(COD), Bank Transfer
Delivery option: Door to door, LBC or J&T Express Branch Pick Up


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